The Only Truly Ergonomic and Fully Customised Loupes on The Market


  • SurgiTel loupes are ergonomically designed for optimum posture, unlike many loupe brands on the market.

  • SurgiTel patented design can achieve the steepest declination angle for both Through-The-Lens and Front-Lens-Mounted loupes. This allows MINIMUM NECK TILT and avoids stress on the neck and joint muscles.

  • The custom working distance in SurgiTel allows each clinician to sit upright, with minimal strain to the back.

Light-weight and Comfort

  • SurgiTel has the LIGHTEST optics available on the market

    Magnification Weight (g)
    2.5x Micro Galilean 10
    3.0x Micro Galilean 13
    3.5x Micro Prism 28.1
    4.5x Micro Prism 30.5
    5.5x Prism Pro 54.1
    6.5x Prism Pro 58.5
    8.0x Prism Pro 59.4
  • SurgiTel Titanium and Oakley 3-Point-Fit Frames
    РWeight of loupes are spread throughout frame, ensuring highest degree of comfort while keeping the lenses in precise optical alignment
  • Our lightest frame available is only 18.9g!

  • Exclusive Ergo Fit Nose Pad design allows adjustment to fit various facial features

Perfect Vision with High Performance Optics

  • Typical magnifying lenses have a spherical surface which can cause distortions and blurring. The brain and eye then compensate and correct for this in our vision.

  • SurgiTel lens have been crafted using aspherical lenses and unique multi-layer coatings instead, that eliminates the distortion and prevent eye strain.

  • This allows for stress-free work even when using loupes for long hours.

  • SurgiTel multi-layered optics also provides far superior depth of field and light transmission to allow you to work easier

  • SurgiTel users can proudly say their loupes give them the best field size and depth-of-view.

  • Only SurgiTel offers the highest magnification power (2.5-8x) with adequate working distance on the market

    Click here to see the range of working distances possible!

Frame and Mounting Options

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Benefits of Using a Headlight

  • Shadows
  • Constantly adjusting headlight, reduces efficiency
  • Light source not able to get to narrow working sites
  • No shadows
  • Superior co-axial light beam directly into surgical site
  • No need for adjustment of light beam direction
  • Stepless control over the full range of light intensity

Why SurgiTel Headlights?

Minimal blue light hazard

  • SurgiTel has taken steps to reduce the dangerous blue light 445nm emission most LEDs have.
  • Studies have shown this reduces the risk of¬†Macular Degeneration

Excellent colour accuracy

  • Optimal colour balance provides true colours and accurate shade matching, which is essential for anterior restorative dentistry

Superior beam uniformity

  • Provides strong illumination across the entire working site with no shadows

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