Who are we? Where is Dentalise based?2021-11-01T22:37:53+10:00

Dentalise is a company set up by dentists, who just like many others experienced significant neck/back pain early in their careers. They wanted to find ergonomic and innovative solutions to help clinicians take care of their own well-being, as they looked after their patients. We are based in Brisbane, Australia!

How long will it take for my order to deliver?2021-08-06T12:52:42+10:00

Once the loupes order is submitted, it take roughly 6-8 weeks for them to arrive in Australia. Each pair of SurgiTel loupes is custom manufactured to the individual clinician’s specification.

Headlights and other parts can be shipped out to you usually within 2-3 business days if there is stock. Otherwise it normally takes 4-5 weeks for stock orders to come in from the USA.

How do I get support when I have a problem with my SurgiTel loupes and headlight?2021-11-02T21:57:42+10:00

Just send us an email at SurgiTel@dentalise.com.au

We always try to respond promptly, usually within 24hours! Photos to help describe the problem you are experiencing are also very helpful.

What is the warranty like on my SurgiTel loupes and headlight?2021-08-06T12:36:32+10:00

Basic warranty information are as below.

  • Ocular gluing – 4 years
  • Ocular material – 5 years
  • Frame lenses – 2 years
  • All frames – 2 years
  • All frame lenses – 2 years
  • Headlights and chargers – 2 years
  • Battery cells – 1 year
  • All accessories – (working distance caps, curing filters, light adapters, etc.) – 90 days
Do you have loaner loupes and headlights available? Can I trial them?2021-08-06T12:46:21+10:00

Certainly, we have loaner loupes and headlights available for trial! Please note numbers can be quite limited as they are often in high demand. You will need to provide a deposit for the full cost of the item, and a weekly rate will be charged. The remaining balance will be refunded on return of the loupes/headlight.

However, we do not recommend trialing loupes (only headlights). Each pair of SurgiTel loupes is custom-manufactured for the individual, so demo/trial loupes will not provide an optimum experience.

How should I attach the composite filter on my headlight?2021-08-06T14:41:00+10:00

Please see the following video:

My light is not aiming at the centre, how do I adjust it?2021-08-06T14:40:46+10:00

There is a screw under the headlight LED that allows you to adjust the direction of the beam. Please also see the following video:

How should I charge my battery pack?2021-08-06T14:43:55+10:00

For the longevity of your headlight batteries (as for all Li-on batteries), it is best to avoid overcharging it (leaving it plugged in overnight), and to avoid depleting it completely. Otherwise the battery life can become significantly shortened.

We recommend charging them during lunch time or in the morning when you are setting up for the day.

Can I order my loupes in person?2021-08-06T14:45:20+10:00

Of course! Our reps service all the major cities regularly each year. Please send us an email and we will add you to our wait list. When the next trip availability comes up, we will send you a message to make a booking!

Can I order my loupes online?2021-08-06T14:48:59+10:00

Yes you can! Through our digital measurement platform, we have manufactured many SurgiTel loupes without issues. So you can rest assured the fit of your loupes will be optimum. If any problems occur, we will help to assess what the issue is and fix it at no cost.

Please Click Here to get started!

How do I store my loupes and keep it safe?2021-08-08T13:14:42+10:00

We recommend storing your loupes/headlights in a cool, dry place out of harm’s way, ideally in the SurgiTel aluminium carry case. The carry case also allows for your loupes to be stored without changing any settings including the declination angle. Perfect to allow you to pick it up, put it on, ready to go!

Why is there only 2.5x – 4.5x for TTL loupes?2021-08-08T13:29:50+10:00

As the magnification of loupes increase, the ocular barrels also increase in size, length, and weight. Hence, with higher magnifications, there is a greater chance for the ocular barrel to debond from the frame lenses, or cause cracks to occurs.

Why is FLM recommended for clinicians with a changing eye prescription?2021-08-08T13:17:45+10:00

The process of changing the prescription lenses in FLM loupes is much simpler. It can be done at most local optometrists, or you can send it to us in QLD to replace. However, with TTL loupes, it would require sending the loupes back to SurgiTel in USA, and require completely replacing both the frame lenses and ocular lenses, a more complex and costly process.

My FLM loupe hinges are loosen, how do I tighten them?2021-08-08T13:38:04+10:00

You can use the Allen keys provided along with your loupes to tighten the hinges. Please see below video:

How do I replace my retainer strap?2021-08-08T13:32:32+10:00

Please see below video on how to attach the retainer strap. If you need assistance with ordering a new strap, please contact us at SurgiTel@dentalise.com.au or visit our online shop.

Which type of loupes should I buy?2021-08-08T13:39:27+10:00

FLM/Flip-Up or TTL?

Through The Lens is the lighter option, however it restricts the extra declination angle that Flip Ups will be able to offer. Flip Ups is the more ergonomic option for clinicians experiencing shoulder and neck pain. So depending on your needs, we can help you decide on which is best.

How do I clean my loupes?2021-08-08T14:17:52+10:00

Please only use approved cleaners (e.g. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes) or a cloth dampened with mild soap solution to clean your loupes.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes can be ordered through our online store.

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